Tie Dye Crew (No longer available)…

If you had a chance to read my Gaming hobby page, then you have seen that I play a lot of online multi-player games. I have had the pleasure of playing with some great guys/gals with a lot of the same values with gaming. Their catch-phrase is even, “TDC thanks you for not cheating!!”. We all bonded pretty quickly while playing tactical shooters. 90% of us are Socom veterans and we are all in search of the next awesome tactical shooter that could offer the same replay value and feeling that we all loved with Socom!


I really enjoy playing with these guys, a lot of who are Twitch streamers, and I wanted to help get their/our name out as a clan, so I helped them establish a WordPress website and I also set them up with their own forum on MyBB software. I took care of the more technical items (Installation, Database setup, Complicated plug-ins/themes (Ex: Twitch menu status)) and helped them learn the basics and the more intermediate tasks to allow them to create, edit, add posts, pictures & pages and take the reins on building a gaming website / forum.

** Update ** Sadly, a lot of the members had a “falling out” and the clan went on their separate ways. Unfortunately, TDC will be a thing of the past, along with the site.

Working at Sony, I have the opportunity to attend E3 this year. I will be going to represent these guys and to gather info and photos. Its going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to bringing some awesome content to the site!!!