DEC Financial Go to project…

Dec Financial was a group final project where I had the opportunity to take the lead for the capstone course of my Computer Science degree. I had proposed the idea and was fortunate enough to have a few very talented students jump on board. I think most students thought the design to be a bit over-zealous, but I knew it could be accomplished in the amount of time allotted (8 weeks). Although it does not function completely as we had planned for, it does handle the main tasks we set as our major goals. It involved writing a proposal on the design, functionality, and individual milestones for each person on the team. We conducted group and individual meetings through the use of and team viewer, a remote desktop viewer solution, since meeting in person was not a possibility.



The program incorporates HTML, javascript, JQuery, Hibernate, Struts2, Tiles, and the Spring security framework. It uses an Oracle RDBMS through Hibernate and tomcat7 as the web server. We also have a back end program, written in java, that was intended to function as an administrative program that connects to Oracle through JDBC.This was never completed and was considered icing on the cake if we had time left over. We were an ambitious group, which made the experience better than expected.
I hosted the database and web server from my home. I also setup a local git repository, which I provided an instructional video to the team in order to connect through Spring Tools Suite, an eclipse IDE derivative. It was a great experience. I learned a lot and I was able to oversee all aspects to help ensure everything went smoothly. Please feel free to test it out. If you do not wish to register, you can use the following credentials:

password: test

There are still a few bugs that need to be worked out. For instance, when entering salary, do not include commas or decimals. Although it is protected from SQL injection, we didn’t complete form validation. If I had the time to go back, I would also fix the UI on this program. I would want the Program Options to be displayed upon submitting the loan information.