Working on the application support engineering team at Sony, I am regularly working with clients and partners to resolve bugs that may arise in our applications. We use Kace’s ticketing system to handle their requests. We have a few different development teams that work to resolve bugs for specific applications. We use Jira’s ticketing system for reporting bugs to the respective team of developers. Because of the high volume of tickets that we may receive for one particular bug I felt there was a need to keep these items organized, so I created an application called, “Kaced”. Since it was created while at Sony, I won’t be able to place a live version on my site, but I’ll give a description of its functionality. The picture below is from my development environment. It runs in a LAMP environment using PHP and MySQL.Selection_020

Whenever I create a new ticket in Jira, I create a “New Item” here linking the reported Kace ticket. Whenever I receive another Kace ticket for the same bug, I add it to the existing ticket using “Add Item” and selecting the radio button for the corresponding Jira ticket. This tool allows me to keep track of all reported Kace tickets for each Selection_021Jira ticket. I can add notes to each Jira item and Kace item as well. To the right you can see the layout of each Kace ticket for the respective Jira ticket above. Each link uses a URL to link directly to its respective ticket using the proper GET parameters, which is simply the Kace or Jira ticket number.

The application allows for searching via a word search, located on the right, or by using Filter results, located on the left nav bar, which filter “on select” per drop-down. Using both features will narrow the search results down even further. Its a very simple tool that has allowed me to organize bugs, user tickets, and statuses a lot more effectively.