This application has brought me a lot of recognition to my engineering abilities at Sony. When I first came on board we mostly used database queries, logs, and exception traces to troubleshoot problems between various applications to find the source of work-flow disruptions. To be brief, the applications that we are monitoring are responsible for transcoding post-production media and delivering the content to third parties for broadcasting or streaming to the public. The media consists of Television Series, Features, Trailers, Music, Artwork, etc…

We had/have an administrative application in place that provides high level system detail, but it only serves our main ordering system application. There are several other applications that work in unison to supplement the entire work-flow. This is where there was a disconnect, and with this application I aggregate data from the other applications to provide a holistic view of the relevant information needed for troubleshooting issues. It also serves as a crossroads, hence the name, by providing the URLs to each application with GET parameter requests to bring the user to the exact place they would need to be in the respective application. It also provides some more administrative features. Unfortunately, I cannot get into greater detail, since this application is live and was created while at Sony.

I also built in an XML parser to breakdown XML data for faster searching. Order / Job information is stored in XML format and this portion of the application allows for intuitive searching through the data, based on tags, file extensions, and other pertinent information. Selection_025 There are seven fields by which you can perform your search. Each represents a different aspect of the order. It also has the option built in to view production or stage data. When submitted, the application joins all of the required information based on the field used and presents it in a readable format using Bootstrap CSS for the UI layout. This static front-facing page does not incorporate Bootstrap. You will also notice that I have embedded Uchiwa, which is an open-source dashboard for the Sensu monitoring framework. This monitors our servers and the respective services that run on each to allow us to have eyes on any processes that may be down.

The application is lightweight, built using Java, JSP, Servlet API, JQuery, Javascript, and Bootstrap. I initially started building it to help me learn the work-flow process, since there wasn’t formal training. In about 9 months time it grew into a full scale application that I was eventually granted permission to deploy onto our servers for other team members to use. I have recently been tasked to convert the application into C#/ASP.net and to integrate it into the current Administrative application, mentioned above. This was completed before I left Sony, but from what I understand they still use the original version in Java, because it is more efficient.