My main focus of this portion of my site was “How-to” host and build your own site using your own equipment, internet, and almost any type of Linux distribution as I am doing with this site. I may also incorporate working with Amazon’s cloud services (AWS) and using virtual machines with VMWare Player, if I can ever find the time. I am finding that as I add to the site there are more items that I might include, which are unrelated. If you have any interests in learning more about anything you see on here, please feel free to post or contact me directly and I will do my best to accommodate you.


Linux Commands (BASH)

If you are new to Linux, since that is where my focus will be, then you may want to familiarize yourself with the terminal, a text editor, and basic commands to navigate your system. I will post a link under “Guides” with common linux commands along with more advanced commands I have learned along the way.


In order to accomplish most of what I am showing on here, you will need to know how to setup an SSH server and how to configure the SSH client. Most of what is done is all through SSH. You will need a thorough understanding to continue.


I recommend that you learn git next. Its a great way to maintain a concurrent version of your programs. It will allow you to restore them in the event something drastic were to happen and you can also revert back to a specific date and time. You can also keep track of who is doing what and when if you have multiple developers working on a project. It is a very powerful tool. All companies incorporate some type of versioning system. Git is very popular and easy to use.


In Progress…

Apache Tomcat 7 or 8

In Progress…


In Progress…


In Progress…

Free SSL (Certbot)

In Progress…



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