I have always loved gaming. Ever since Atari I have been on the sticks! I have owned just about every console that has come out since then, except for a PS4 and most of the hand helds (DS, PSP, etc..). However, I did have a gameboy when I was young.


My favorite game series is Zelda. “Ocinara of Time” would have to be my favorite game out of all of them, but I still even enjoy playing the first one out of nostalgia alone.

In 1997, 007 Golden Eye came out on the N64. This was a great game! My friends and I spent hours on end playing this one. I feel this was the start of the first person multi-player shooter evolution, even though it GoldeneyeMultiwas limited to a 4 person split screen experience.

I missed the train for the counter-strike revolution of online multi-player games, but I did jump back on board with the Playstation title, Socom: US Navy Seals. I played this all the way up until the Socom_2beginning of Socom 3. This was around the time Code 9 cheating became popular and destroyed Socom 2. I would say it is the greatest stretch of gaming I have ever been a part of.

I played a bit of Call of Duty, but that died out fast, because of the cookie cutter series it became. There isn’t much of a tactical element either. Respawn took the tactical gameplay out of the first person shooters. It became either a “Run and Gun” or “Camper” game, which I don’t have a problem with when used tactically, but there is a severe lack of communication that actually involves working as a team. The replay value died out pretty quickly for me. There were a few others that I got into such as BattleField, Halo and the Gears of War series, but they all fell short for me personally. Don’t get me wrong, they all are fun games, but just not what I was looking for in a shooter.

Lately, as of April 2015, I have moved on to PC gaming for a change of scenery, in hope of finding a game that could captivate me in the way Socom did for so long. That has been a pretty cool switch. Graphically and by way of the precise use of the mouse and keyboard, it is compelling what the PC has to offer. It was a tough switch at first. I had to acclimate myself to the use of the mouse and keyboard, but there really is no comparison once I was able to make the transition. It will dominate the controller the majority of the time. My biggest complaint of PC gaming is the number of cheaters!!! It is astonishing how many people spend the bulk of their time looking for exploits. There are also development companies that devote all of their time to creating cheats that go undetected. I will not mention any names or sites, but it is appalling that this is allowed or even legal. It is destructive and destroys the value of great games out there. I can’t tell you how many people i know that will not buy certain games because of the support or lack of effective prevention for cheating. Its a real shame, because I invested in a lot into my desktop to get the most out of gaming.

I think Rainbow Six Siege has my vote for the best shooter out right now. It is a great team tactical shooter. If Ubisoft can get their server issues and the cheating sorted out, it will come very close to being the best shooter on the market, in my opinion.

Now I know I talk a lot about shooters, but I am also a fan of other games (Sports, RPG, Strategy, & MMO). Here are a few games that I am currently playing below… when I have time, of course. 🙂