I love playing sports and staying active. When I lived in San Diego, I played soccer three times a week for five years down in Mission bay. I would rank this on the top ten things I used to be a part of. I had the liberty of meeting some great people from all stretches of the world that loved to play as well. On the weekends, everyone would pitch in or contribute to a pot luck of food for post-game relaxation and socializing. It truly felt like I was on vacation three times a week. I miss it.

I recently started playing pickup Volley ball with my brother on the beaches of Santa Monica. I did notice there are some pickup soccer games that I will have to get involved with one day.

Recently (Summer 2015), co-workers at Sony have put together pick-up games out at Playa Del Rey after work. Great way to end the day with some volley ball and sunsets on the beach with the great company of friends!

If you have already read my snow making page, then you are already aware that I love snowboarding. Its one of my favorite things to do. I try to make it out every year, but I wasn’t able to this past winter. Having a baby, graduating, and moving to Los Angeles has consumed all of my time, but I will get back into it as soon as the season returns. My brother was able to snap a good photo of me on our last trip to Whitetail, seen below. East coast snowboarding is nothing compared to the mountains out here on the West Coast. I really look forward to the upcoming season.

Whitetail 2012

I also used to be a part of a co-ed softball team, which was more of a socializing event than athletics, but it did get competitive at times.

Basketball was another pickup sport I played for a while at the rec center in San Diego near SDSU. We also played in the courts behind UCSD in La Jolla. There were always people looking to play, which was nice when I wasn’t playing soccer. It’s been years since I have played on a regular basis, but I am always up for a game when there is an opportunity to play.


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